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Urgent Call for Action from Yad Vashem: Register Names of Holocaust Victims Who Perished
As the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII draws near, the numberof Holocaust survivors is rapidly dwindling. With their passing, the memory of millions of Holocaust victims will slip into oblivion. So we have to use the time and share any information about the names, stories and families of the exterminated.
The Central Database of Holocaust Victims' Names is now available anywhere in the world at It is the result of the ongoing campaign begun over 50 years ago by Yad Vashem to gather the names and preserve the legacy of each individual Jew who dies in the hands of the Nazis and their collaborators. The site is a revolutionary milestone in Holocaust remembrance and learning, it provides the opportunity to search for names, photographs and brief stories of over 3 million Holocaust victims. About 3 more millions however are still missing forgotten. Therefore, we call upon you to join the International 11th Hour Campaign to collect the names of the Jews who perished.
Database users are also encouraged to submit names, photos and documentation online.
Anna Frank House Annual Report 2004
Not so long ago the annual report for 2004 of our constant partner Anna Frank House (Amsterdam) has been mailed. In it, besides internal and international events, the exhibitions "Anna Frank: a History for Today" in Sevastopol, Simpheropol, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Khmelnitskiy, Chernivtsi, Lviv and Uzhgorod are specially noted.
The Day of the Holocaust Victims Remembrance
May 5th, 2005 by Jewish calendar (27 Nissan 5765) is the Catastrophe Remembrance Day. By Jewish tradition it is the day of commemoration of the victims of the Nazi genocide and the Resistance Heroes, since it is the day of the Warszaw ghetto rebellion. On this day in Poland on the vast areas of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz (Oswiencim) the participants of "the March of the Living" - the tens of thousands of the young people, among them representatives of Ukraine and of course Israel- will gather to commemorate the exterminated European Jews - innocent victims of the Nazi.
Round-table Meeting on the First National Television Channel
On May 10th, 2005 at 18:00 a round-table meeting "Holocaust: Man, Authorities, History" dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Victory and realisation of the history of Holocaust in Ukraine and Europe, was broadcasted on the First National Television Channel.
The National Television Company of Ukraine, the First National Channel conducts this event under support of the Department for Informal Education of the Jewish Agency "Sohnut" and Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies. The participants of the round table were the famous Ukrainian scholars Myroslav Popovych, Stanislav Kulchitskiy; foreign guests, representatives of the Embassies of Israel and Germany.
On December 19th-26th, 2004 Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies under the support of the Jewish agency for Israel "Sokhnut-Ukraine" in terms of the project "School on Holocaust History (Beit-Sefer Shoah)" conducted a scientific-educational seminar on Holocaust History in Western Ukraine and Poland for the participants of the project. Details...
On December 13th, 2004 a solemn opening of the exhibition "Anna Frank: a History for Today" will take place in Uzgorod, capital of Zakarpattya. It is the twelfth city of the project "Holocaust and Tolerance Teaching". The exhibition in Ukraine is organised by Anna Frank House (the Netherlands) together with Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies and other Ukrainian partners. Prior to the exhibition is the usual seminar for teachers and a series of guide training sessions.
On report of our respected colleague Prof. Petro Potichnyi an academic congress took place in Boston recently. One of the most interesting sessions was "Ukrainian-Jewish Relationship without Stereotypes", on which Mr. Potichnyi presided.
Most active discussions were provoked by the reports of Dr. Victoria Khiterer, "Ukrainian-Jewish Relations in the Late Russian Empire"; Dr. Martin J. Blackwell, "New Research on the Jewish Experience in Kyiv: Ukraine after the Return of Soviet Power, 1943-1946"; Dr. Myroslav Shkandrij, " Jews in Ukrainian Writing of the 1920s".
Dr. Kate Lake Brown and Dr. David R. Marples made official opponents. Prof. Potichnyi emphasises the report of Dr. Myroslav Shkandrij, the topic of which has never before been discussed on serious academic disputes.
Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies under the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands Kingdom in Ukraine, Matra-Kap Programme, the Institute for Political and Ethnic Science, Kyiv City Jewish Community continues implementation of the scientific-pedagogic project
"History of Holocaust in Europe: Studying of Tolerance Problems and Observance of the Human Rights" in the universities of Ukraine.
The project consists of a number of school-seminars, conferences and competitions. On December, 17th-18th 2004 a competition of students' research works will take place in Kyiv, namely on Kyiv City Jewish Community premises. The works of students from 12 universities of Ukraine are planned to be presented.
The most famous and profound Holocaust history magazine "Holocaust and Genocide Studies", vol. 18, no.3, (Winter 2004) published scientific articles of our colleagues Michael Tyaglyy (Sympheropol) - “The Role of Antisemitic Doctrine in German Propaganda in the Crimea, 1941–1944” and Ph.D. Elena Ivanova (Kharkiv) - “Ukrainian High School Students’ Understanding of the Holocaust.” Details...
In November 2004 a new educational project of the Jewish Agency for Israel "Sohnut" in Ukraine and Moldova and Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies - School on the Catastrophe (Beit-Sefer Shoah) - was launched. The project is a systematic educational course of lectures on Holocaust history in Europe, to be read for two years. The main participants of the school are Jewish students, representatives of active in Kiev Jewish Community life youth. Nowadays the group comprises about 30 members. The programme includes different aspects of Jewish history and not only Holocaust, but preceding epochs and historical fates of Jewish world after Holocaust in the second half of the XX century and the beginning of the XXI century. It is this approach that, according to organisators' point of view, will give the participants an opportunity not only to get to know general history knowledge, but to become closer to compassion and realisation of Holocaust history. Famous Ukrainian scientists and their colleagues from Israel and Russia will make the teachers of the school.
The book by M.-M. Gitik, published in Jerudalem by "Dvarim" publishing house in 2004, is a separate original research which attempts to consider reasons and tragic course of Holocaust as far as Jewish spiritual tradition is concerned. Details...
In 2004 in Riga the Commission of the Historians of Latvia under Latvian National University published a collection of the conference "The Holocaust Research in Latvia: Materials of an International Conference 12-13th June, Riga and 24th October 2003, Riga and the Holocaust Studies in Latvia in 2002-2003".
The collection contains articles by outstanding Latvian and world scholars, among them Aivars Stranga, Peter Klein and others.
One can also find there an article by the director of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies Dr.Anatoly Podolsky "Problems of Collaboration and Resquing Jews on Latvian and Ukrainian Territories during Nazi Occupation: an Attempt of Comparative Analysis".
On November 8th, 2004 a solemn opening of the international exhibition "Anna Frank - a History for Today" will take place in Lviv. The exhibition has been travelling around Ukraine for more than a year and Lviv is the 11th city-host to it.
The organisers of the exibition are, as usual, Anna Frank House (the Netherlands), the Jewish Foundation of Ukraine, Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies.
Prior to the exhibition is a series of teachers' and teen-guides' seminars held by All-Ukrainian History Teachers Associations "Nova Doba" and Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies respectedly.
On November, 7 in the famous Galitskaya Synagogue a round table "Realisation of Shoah History in the Beginning of the XXI Century" took place. It was dedicated to the 50 anniversary of the foundation of Yad-Vashem. Among the issues concerned were education in Israel and Ukraine, the Catastrophe and the Faith, painters of Galicia and Holocaust, regional aspects of Holocaust (Western Ukraine and Transnistria). The reporters on the round table were such researchers and scientists, as Ph.D. Boris Muftsir, Anatoly Kardash, Noa Segal, r. Seev Meshkov, Ph.D. Leonid Matsih, Ph.D. Zhanna Kovba, Galina Glembotskaya, Illya Kabanchik, Ph.D. Faina Vinokurova and others. The presentation of the CD "The History of Holocaust" (the first among such editions), created by Judaism University and Midrasha Zionid; as well as of some new publications of Judaism University took place. The representative of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies was Vitaly Bobrov with the report about informational technologies in Holocaust research and teaching.
The great Chernovtsy became the 10th city of "Anna Frank: a History for Today" project-exhibition. On October 5th the solemn opening of the exhibition took place. It became a true Occasion for the city, which has just celebrated its anniversary. Among the guests - cultural elite of the city: musicians, artists, poets - pianist, composer, pedagogue, bearer of the "World's Culture Golden Name" title Joseph Elgiser; a great poet Tamara Severniuk; ethnologist, writer, journalist and researcher of "Chernovtsy Atlantis" Nataliya Schevchenko; famous writer J.Burg; outstanding artist Bronislav Tuttelman…
Presence of these people has once more proved that Chernovtsy will always remain that literature-artistic, poetic city which attracts the true beauty lovers.
The main is that the beauty is given a chance to live. This problem was raised in the marvellous museum the director of which, I.Kitsul, not only supplied premises, but accepted the topic by her heart, helping the organisators and young guides, taken care of by the museum staff. On the opening spoke the vice-head of the city P.Muha; chairman of the culture fund V.Diakova; chairman of the HESED board I.Kleyman; chaiman of the city Jewish community L. Kleiman; head of the Jewish Fund of Ukraine A.Monastyrskiy; associate of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies Ulia Smilyanskaya. And, of course, the ambassador of the Netherlands Kingdom Ms.Monik Frank, who greeted the fellowship and emphasised the vital importance of the project.
We want to express our regards to the head of Chernovtsy HESED L.Foucks and the associate of HESED Natalya Pechenkina, owing to whom the opening was solemn and grad, turning into an important event in the city life, attracting mass media.
And now the exhibition is working. The visitors outnumbered all possible predictions, the review book contains most warm wishes to the guides. Director of the museum Inna Fedorovna together with Marjana Dmitrievna, taking care of the guides, in terms of the exhibition organised a meeting with Joseph Elgiser, counterpart of Anna Frank, who was born in Chernovtsy in 1929 and lived Holocaust. For two hours the children simply wouldn't let this incredible man go…
During the grand opening day, more than 10 excursions were held by the young but experienced guides.
Ulia Smilyanskaya
The reception of applications to the III International contest "Lessons of Holocaust - the Way to Tolerance", organised by Russian Foundation "Holocaust" has been prolonged to November 15th, 2004. The applications are to be sent by e-mail according to the Basic Rules of the Contest ( see the web-site The winners of the contest will be given prises and gifts, which will be presented to them on January 27th, 2005, Osvenzim liberation day.
The winners will also be able to take part in the annual pupils' conference, held on June 21st -24th in Brest.
On October 27th -29th the World Congress for Russian Speaking Jewry and Mass Migration Institute conducted a seminar meeting in Saint Peterburg by name "The History of the Family - the History of the Nation". It was dedicated to the issues of Jewish genealogy. The seminar was attended by a representative of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies, its director, Dr.Anatoly Podolsky.
On November 8th -19th, 2004 in Uruguay the International Nahum Goldmann Fellowship will start its work. The Fellowship was designed to develop Jewish communal leadership, lay and professional, for Jewish communities around the world. The Fellowship, initiated by the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture in 1987, has provided an intensive experience in Jewish learning, living and leadership for young men and women from Europe, Latin and North America, Australia, Africa and Asia.
The academic program will be led by distinguished Jewish scholars and community leaders from all around the world. The workshops will deal with Jewish identity, Jewish community and Jewish texts.
Among the participants of the Fellowship is the director of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies, Dr. Anatoly Podolsky.
Is the name of the book and collection of lithographs of a famous artist and writer Joseph Bau, which were given to Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies by the daughters of the author. The book, published in Hebrew and English, is one of the most incredible memories of Holocaust. The collection of lithographs to the book helps the reader realise the perception of the camp's world by an artist and a poet, gives the possibility to understand the emotional condition of a desperate person. Both editions are available in the library of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies, and in future it is planned to make an online exhibition of the author's works on our web-site.
On October, 8th -10th students' scientific conference “The History of Holocaust in Europe: Studying of Tolerance Problems and Observance of the Human Rights” was held by Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies. The conference started the third stage of the "Matra" project (launched the year before) supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands Kingdom in Ukraine. The first seminar was held in Lviv, the second in Alushta and the third in Kyiv. Details...
Recently found was a diary of a young girl, who was in one of the concentration camps in the Netherlands in 1943. It turned out that 18-year-old Helga Dien took record of her life in the camp in the chemistry notebook. Later she was transferred to the Polish concentration camp Sobibor, where she then died.
A local newspaper “Volkskrant” gives parts of these notes. “I feel so lonely. Every day we see the freedom on the other side of the wire”, - the girl writes. The 21-page notes of Helga Dien are expected to be available for reading in some 10 days.
The diary was secretly trafficked out of another Netherlands’ concentration camp – Wucht. It has been recently given to the archive of Tilsburg City in south of the country, where Helga was born and lived for a long time, by the son a girl’s friend.
The notes are even more worthy, for they describe perception of Holocaust by an 18-year-old girl, together with world-famous “Anna Frank Diary” depicting the conditions of the Jewish youth in Holocaust and helping realise the perception of Holocaust by young people of different age.
On October 8th 2004 the grand opening of the All-Ukrainian students’ conference for the students of humanitarian faculties of 16 universities from 11 cities of Ukraine took place. The conference is dedicated to the history of Holocaust, the fate of the European Jews in times of the Nazi rule, as well as to the studies of inter-ethnic tolerance on the European continent, based on the tragic historical experience of the XX century.
The conference is conducted by Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies within the Institute for Political and Ethnic Studies of NAS of Ukraine under the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands Kingdom in Ukraine. The participants of the conference were greeted by the vice-president of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, director of the Institute for Political and Ethnic Studies, academic, I.F.Kuras.
On the plenary meeting the reports on the issues of Ukrainian-Jewish relationship, tolerance problems in the modern Ukraine, Holocaust history education, the influence of the xenophobia, namely anti-Semitism, on the European community of the XXI century were made (Prof. O.Maiboroda, Ph.D. A.Podolsky). A “round-table” discussion “Babiy Yar: Modern Issues and Research Prospective” was held.
On October 9th -10th 2004 the conference will continue its work. During the two days university students, post-graduate students, university teachers from Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Chernivtsi, Zhitomir, Vinnitsa, Mikolayiv and other cities will be making reports on the topic concerned. The sessions of the conference comprise regional research, anti-Semitism problems, analysis of the press of the Nazi occupation times, philosophical and psychological reflections.
The All-Ukrainian students’ conference is a part of a significant scientific and educational project under the same name: “The History of Holocaust in Europe: Studying of Tolerance Problems and Observance of the Human Rights”. During 2003-2004 the project has been carried out by Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies under the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands Kingdom in Ukraine. It involves educational seminar-schools, a competition and a conference for the students of Ukrainian universities. The tutors, trainers of the project are many outstanding scholars – historians, politilogists, philosophers from Ukraine, Russia, Germany etc.
The aim of the project is promotion of tolerance towards different ethnic groups and nations among the modern youth; the revealing of the paramount importance of the historical development of the societies as poly-ethnic and poly-cultural ones.
The new numbers of the world-famous magazine “Holocaust and Genocide Studies” for the Spring (Volume 18, #1) and Fall (Volume 18, #2) are out. The magazine, issued by Oxford University Press in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, presents various researches on the history of Holocaust and world Jewry, concerning all aspects of the Tragedy from extermination of the European Jews to religious side and the influence of Shoah on the fate of the world and the nation… Among the articles of the spring number we would like to note the research of Dennis Deletant on ghettos in Transnistria. One more advantage of the magazine is numerous reviews of the most recent publications on Holocaust history, ultra-right ideologies, the Third Reich etc.
Our Centre would like to thank the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, especially Mr. Vadim Altskan, who arranged the free samples of this explicit edition for us.
We introduce the new educational CD “Holocaust: the Catastrophe of the European Jewry”, created by the Institute for Judaic Studies (Kyiv) in close co-operation with Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies. This multi-media manual will, in fact, become the first computer textbook on the history of Holocaust for Ukrainian Jewish schools. The project is supported by Pincus Fund for Jewish Diaspora Education.
The glorious Chernivtsi became the next city-host to the “Anna Frank: a History for Today” exhibition. It is there, where the project, will be continued on October, 5th ,2004. The exhibition was prepared by the “Anna Frank House” (the Netherlands), Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies and many other organisations sympathising with the tragedy of a young girl – a victim of the Nazi. We want to add that the exhibition also comprises an additional exposition on the history of Holocaust in Ukraine, which would be undoubtedly interesting and useful for the visitors. The local teenagers, as usual, will make the guides for it. So, we are waiting for you at the exhibition!
An outstanding event in Ukrainian Holocaust history historiography has taken place! The Civil Committee on Immortalising the Memory of the Victims of Babiy Yar, under the support of the Government Committee on Nationalities and Migrations, State Committee of the Archives of Ukraine, Ukraine Defense Service, National Library of Ukraine after V.Vernadsky, Kiev History Museum and Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies published a scientific, academic collection of documents and data “ Babiy Yar: Human, Authorities, History”. The presentation of the book will take place in Kiev on September, 28th 2004 in the “Ukrainian House”
On September, 28th 2004 a public English language lesson on the history of Holocaust in Ukraine, namely the tragedy of Babiy Yar will be conducted for the students of the 10th grade of Finance and Law Liceum, Kiev. It is prepared by an English teacher of Finance and Law Liceum, Ms. Marichka Prokopchuk. Among the invited are scientists from Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies, representatives of the Educational Department of the USA Ambassade in Ukraine.
On September, 29th a requiem-lesson and an exhibition, dedicated to the history of Holocaust in Ukraine will take place in the Gymnasium of Eastern Languages, Kiev.
“It’s us, God…”
On September, 25th 2004 in Kiev, in the National Musical Academy of Ukraine after P.I. Chaikovsky a memorial play dedicated to the commemoration of the tragedy of Babiy Yar “It’s us, God…” will be staged by the Kiev Theatre of Poetry and Songs under the support of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies.
On September, 21st 2004 the famous Russian-speaking radiochannel of the Jewish community of New York “Peoples Wave” interviewed the director of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies, Dr. Anatoly Podolsky. It was about commeroration of the tragic history of Babiy Yar in the modern Ukraine; about the research and educational activities of the Centre. The interviewer was one of the NY Jewish community leaders, Michael Nemirovsky. The interview has specially emphasised the thesis about solidarity and close links among the Jewish communities of Ukraine and the USA.
Eurasian Jewish Year-Book 2003 was published in 2003 in Kiev by the publishing houses of Eurasian Jewish Congress, Institute for Judaic Studies and “Duch i Litera” publishing house. The editorial board consisted of such famous people as Alexander Moshkevich, Jeremy Jones, Roman Spector, Boris Shapiro, Leonid Levin and others. The editors of the book are no less outstanding: Vyacheslav Likhachev, Leonid Finberg, Mihail Chlenov, Joseph Zissels. Details...
All-Ukrainian Scientific Students’ Conference [soon]
On October, 1st-3rd , 2004 in Kiev the all-Ukrainian scientific students’ conference in terms of the project “The History of Holocaust in Europe: Problems of Tolerance Teaching and Observance of the Human Rights” will be organised by Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies. The project is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands Kingdom in Ukraine. It is owing to the help from the Netherlands that the first seminar of the project in Lviv and the second in Simpheropol-Alushta took place. We should note that conduction of the project is also supported by Institute for Judaic Studies in Ukraine and scientific centre for Judaic studies “Sefer” (Moscow, Russia). 40 students from 25 universities of Ukraine are invited to take part in the conference, as well as many outstanding scientists from Ukraine, Russia, Poland and the Netherlands
The Exhibition of Art Works in Great Britain [soon]
Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies together with the colleagues from Manchester (UK) are now preparing the exhibition of children’s art works, dedicated to the history of Holocaust in Europe and Ukraine. These are the works of secondary school students from Kiev, Kiev region and other cities of Ukraine, who participated in different contests of art works on Holocaust held by our Centre for many years. The exhibition is due to start in autumn 2004 in Manchester
International Scientific Conference “Teaching Holocaust to Future Generations”
On August 8th –11th , 2004 in Yad-Vashem Institution (Jerusalem,Israel) an international scientific conference “Teaching Holocaust to Future Generations” will take place. This forum is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Museum and Yad-Vashem establishment. Associates of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies will take part in the conference: present reports on Shoah teaching in the modern Ukraine, in secondary and high school, in Jewish and non-Jewish auditorium. For further details check
“Executed Overture”
On August, 5th in Kiev Ivan Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre a performance by play of B.Haritonov “Executed Overture. Warsaw (ghetto), chronicles 1939-1942” took place. The play was dedicated to an outstanding pedagogue of the XX century Yanush Korchak (true name – Henrih Goldschmidt), a polish Jew who chose to die with his pupils in Treblinka death camp on August, 5, 1942. Kiev dwellers could see the performance owing to the support of the Art Development Support Fund, Kiev Jewish community (headed by Anatoly Shengait), B.Haritonov Charitable Fund and other organisations.
Holocaust in Zaporizzya
Is the name of a recently published book by a well-known Ukrainian scientist, philosopher and historian Semen Orlyanskiy (S.F. Orlyanskiy. Holocaust in Zaporizzya.- Zaporizkiy State University; Zaporizkiy City Department of “Ukraine-Israel” community.- Zaporizzya.-2003).
Jews in Ukraine. Methodical Materials.
“Tkuma” Center in Dnepropetrovsk issued methodical materials on the history of Ukrainian Jewry in three parts. The author of these is a famous historian, researcher, teacher and methodist from Lvov Ilya Kabanchik (Jews in Ukraine. Methodical Materials. Addition to the courses “Ukrainian History” and “World History”. Composed by Ilya Kabanchik.- Dnepropetrovsk.-2004).
The guests of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies
During the summer 2004 our Centre was visited by honourable colleagues from different countries, with whom we established and keep close scientific and educational contacts. In July the director of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies Anatoly Podolsky met Professor Gregory Grabovich (USA) and our old friend Professor Petro Potichnyj (Canada). On the meetings plans for future co-operation were thoroughly discussed. As it is known, our colleagues, despite constant being abroad, have considerable influence on intellectual humanitarian life of Ukraine. Professor G.Grabovich is the chief editor of the well-known and highly respected magazine “Critics”/Krytyka/ , and professor P.Potichyj is the leader of a scientific historical committee of the academic publication “UPA Manuscripts”. In July we also greeted in our Centre Mr.Martin Horwitz, the director of Jewish Community Development Fund, and his associate John Orren(USA). We discussed the ways of future co-operation. Since M.Horwitz Fund is the main sponsor of our Centre.
In August the Centre was visited by Dr. Vadim Altskan, associate of the Holocaust History Museum in Washington (USA). The meeting strengthened scientific links between the Museum and the Centre.
This year (2004) our Byelorussian colleagues have published a great book: “The Righteous Among the Nations of Byelorussia”. The authors of this explicit in the historiography of Holocaust issue are Inna Gerasimova and Arcady Shulman. The edition has been managed with the help of International Culture Links Centre Israel-Byelorussia, Yad-Vashem Museum, Byelorussian Embassy in Israel and The Union of Byelorussian State Jewish Organisations and Communities.
And now let us have a closer look at the book itself. Nowadays the word “Holocaust” and its meaning are a secret no more, as well as the bright feat of those, who decided to oppose the senseless Hitler terror. Being non-Jews, they have selflessly saved the unfortunate, giving the Jews a hope for life, for safety; supporting the belief in humanity and the unbreakable ideal of Human Being. At present about 20 000 Righteous have been acknowledged, 500 of them are Byelorussian dwellers. The edition includes the stories of all these people, their names and surnames; names and surnames of the saved ones, dates and places of the saving. Besides, one can also find there a big photo archive comprising photos of the heroes and the saved ones and the chronological list of the Righteous among the Nations of Byelorussia for January,1 2004.
The book is a marvellous edition. Its aim is immortalising of the memory about the Heroes with the future generations. It shows that a human can always remain a human, and that man has what to oppose to hatred. Each saving story is a successful confrontation of an individuality and the evil. And each story is worth a low bow and eternal gratitude.
European Jew history during World War II summer seminar was held in Florida Holocaust museum in Pittsburgh from June, 7 to 11 this year. Two teachers from Ukraine were chosen on the competition background and invited to participate in the seminar, they were Kyiv Gymnasium of Oriental languages #1 English teacher Marichka Prokopchuk, who co-operates with Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies and Valery Romaschenko, the teacher of Kirovograd lyceum.
It is nice to admit that Ms.Prokopchuk took an active part in Ukrainian youth international projects discussion during Norbert Hinterleitner’s, the Chief of International Department of Anna Frank Museum in Amsterdam, visit of Ukraine in summer 2002. Marichka Prokopchuk presented a set of lessons on Holocaust Study using Anna Frank diary and the Internet materials. Her students visited Anna Frank exhibition in Kyiv and prepared a thank-letter to The Netherlands Government and Anna Frank museum staff directly.
The American teachers and Florida museum staff were pleased to know that Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies in Kyiv works so successfully. The Centre work was presented and contact information for further co-operation was given.
Our American colleagues were given an opportunity to become acquainted with deep cultural and historical heritage of Ukraine (Trypilya Culture, Skiffs’, Yaroslav the Wise reign, The Independence time, a unique Petryakivka cat brush painting technique).
The triumph of our being there was the victory of Tampa Bay team in a Stanley Cup championship (our compatriot Ruslan Fedotenko scored two winning goals). All Tampa Bay and Petersburg cried out the name of the Ukrainian man.
After our presentation a lot of American teachers became interested in Ukraine and Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies. So, we look forward to further co-operation with our Florida colleagues.
I was made to write this article by almost total lies, falsifications which now fill all the publications in different, including intellectual, Ukrainian mass-media (but for some exceptions owing to the ”Krytyka” /Critics/ magazine) dealing with the problems of Ukrainian-Jewish relationship, namely anti-Semitism and judophobia. These were caused by an absolutely odious article of professor… Details...
On July, 5th - 20th 2004 International School on Shoah History Teaching in Yad-Vashem institution (Jerusalem) will organise a methodical seminar on problems of teaching and learning the history of Holocaust in Jewish schools of the former Soviet Union. Such seminars have long become traditional for the International School. And alike it is becoming traditional for Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies to prepare and send teachers, dealing with the topic in Ukraine, to such seminars. This time our Center has also recommended a group of teachers for participation. Financial support to the Ukrainian delegation is given by the Jewish agency “Sohnut”. Therefore, constructive co-operation is being formed between our Center, Yad-Vashem and “Sohnut” agency in the sphere of preparing teachers of Shoah history for the Jewish schools of Ukraine.


Never before published photographs of Anna Frank family were put on the web-site of the British media company “Totally Jewish” on June, 11. The photos were published in terms of celebration of Anna Frank’s 75th birthday, held in London. They were made by her father, Otto Frank, somewhere between 1933 and 1940 and kept in Anna Frank House archives in Amsterdam. As noted by the head of Anna Frank House educational department, Jan van Kooten, “the photos are a unique historical document. They show the story of one happy Jewish family before the era of Holocaust.” In terms of the program served to commemorate the heroic child, a reception in memory of Anna Frank birthday was held today at Tony Blair’s residence. Anna’s step-sister Eva Schloss was present to the occasion and revealed the story of the photographs. “We are very happy to commemorate Anna Frank’s birthday on such a level here, in the residence of the prime minister of Great Britain”, said the executive director of Anna Frank Fund in Britain Gillian Walnes. Today more than 60 exclusive pictures dedicated to the life of Anna Frank will be shown to the public at two exhibitions in Berlin and Amsterdam. Details can be found on
Information given by Dr. O. Kozerod.

Seminars in Brest and St. Petersburg [soon]

Russian Fund “Holocaust” in co-operation with Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies carries out summer seminars for pupils and teachers of the CIS countries on the problems of Holocaust studies and teaching of the history of Shoah. Participators of the contests, teachers, who have their authorised workshops and teach the history of Holocaust are welcomed. 21st-24th June, 2004 in Brest the seminar for pupils will take place; and on 28th June - 1st July, 2004 in St. Petersburg the one for teachers will be held. Representatives of Ukraine will take part in these seminars on the Centre’s recommendations.

Seminars of EAJC in the Middle Asia [soon]

Euro-Asian Jewish Congress continues the series of seminars on teaching the history of Holocaust problems. 19-30th June, 2004 methodical seminars on the topic will be held in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), Bishkhek (Khirgiztan) and Samarkande (Uzbekistan).
The lecturers of the Congress will be Svetlana Kandeeva and Vyatcheslav Likhachev as well as local scientists.

“Shorashim” – 2004! [soon]

15th – 30th June, 2004 the historical children camp “Roots and Future of the Jews of Ukraine” (“Shorashim”) will be held for the 10th (anniversary) time in Ukraine. This time it will take place in Crimea. Three expeditions to the places connected with the history of Jews of the peninsula are planned. 120 children 10-17 years old will make the participants of “Shorashim”. Among them one will find the winners of the contest of pupils’ research and art works “History and Lessons of Holocaust” and the guides of “Anna Frank: a History for Today” exhibition. The camp will be once again headed by the director of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies, Doctor Anatoly Podolsky.

Exhibition “Anna Frank: a History for Today” in Hmelnitskiy City

May 25, 2004 exhibition “Anna Frank: a History for Today” opened in Hmelnitskiy. As usual, the exhibition was preceded by a seminar for teachers and training school for pupils-guides. The exhibition was organised in co-operation with Hmelnitskiy regional charitable fund HESED-BESHT. I.A. Ratushniy, director of the fund; L. Schwarzmann, PR co-ordinator; L.Pisklova, librarian and guide; and other associates of the fund were superb at organising the work of the exhibition, helped to teach guides – carried out two explicit excursions, connected with the history of Holocaust (Holocaust museum at HESED-BESHT) and with the history of Podol Jewish community (Medzibosh, held by L. Pisklova). Successful seminar with the teachers of Hmelnitskiy, informational activity of the pupils-guides, perfect work of L.Schwarzmann (announcement about the exhibition in schools and for publicity) resulted in great popularity of the event. On the very opening day the exhibition was visited by more than 300 people. The first five excursions were held on the opening day and were highly praised by the visitors.
All the best during the month!

The Third General Assembly of European Jewry in Budapest

On May 20-23rd , 2004 the Third General Assembly of European Jewry took place in Budapest ( the first and the second were held in Nice and Madrid). The organisators of the Assembly were European Council of Jewish Communities and American Joint Jewish Distribution Committee “Joint”. 1031 people – representatives of all Jewish communities in Europe – took part in the work of the Assembly. The main questions considered at the Assembly were support of Israel, problems of European Jewish identification, social and educational activities of Jewish communities… The delegation from Ukraine took part in work of all sessions. It included the director of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies – Dr. Anatoly Podolsky. (

Seminar for Teachers of the Jewish Schools of CIS and Baltic

On May 28-30, 2004 the seminar for teachers of the Jewish schools of CIS and Baltic took place in Moscow. This undoubtedly important event was organised by Inter Regional Fund “Holocaust” (Russia), “Yad-Vashem” Jewish agency in Russia by support of Sokhnut and the Ministry of Education of Israel.
The seminar dealt with the problems of teaching of the history of Holocaust in CIS and Baltic countries. Another important issue was presentation and discussion of the new manual on Holocaust history by name “History of Shoah on USSR Territories”. The program and short preview of the manual are available on our web-site. Manual… Program…

School Contest “History and Lessons of Holocaust” Took Place in Kiev

On May 7-9th , 2004 the contest of pupils’ works on the topic of Holocaust took place in Kiev. The works of more than 30 pupils from different cities of Ukraine were selected to be presented on the contest. Their authors came to represent the results of their research in public. The contest was organised by the Centre of Jewish Education of Ukraine and Ukrainian Centre of Holocaust Studies by the Academy of Science of Ukraine. Details…

Expedition Around the Jewish Places of Ukraine

On 2-6th May, 2004 associates of Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies Y.Smilyanskaya and Illya Kabantchik prepared and carried out an expedition around the Jewish places of Ukraine for Jewish school # 1311(Moscow) (director Grigory Lipman). The route was quite serious: Kiev – Berditchev – Vinnitsa – Shargorod – Medzibosh – Hmelnitskiy – Brody – Busk – Lvov – Kiev. The trip was not of excursion but of expedition character, i.e. in every city pupils accomplished tasks, which will be included into their course papers, to be presented in May 2004. The range of problems is really wide. Issues of material culture – principals of shtettl forming and building, economic, social and cultural aspects; Jewish tomb stones on cemeteries – inscriptions and bas-reliefs; city Jewish blocks etc. Spiritual life of Ukrainian Jewry – synagogues, Hasidism, tsadeks, rabbis. And, of course, Shoah. The children met outstanding specialists on different topics. Faina Vinokurova led a marvelous excursion in Vinnitsa, spoke of the tragedy of Vinnitsa Jews in 1941-42, showed places of the executions where now the memorials stand… Separately to the old and to the very young. Inna Fridkina showed them the Jewish museum of Shargorod, Mila Schwarzman told the pupils about the work of Hmelnitskiy Hesed…

The children spoke with the local dwellers (in Shargorod they were even presented with Tora scrolls, left in the empty Jewish house), wandered around Shargorod vaults… Special attention was given to the epitaphs on tomb stones. In Berditchev, Shargorod, Medzibosh, Busk and especially Brody the children copied down many inscriptions, analysis of which is due to be presented.

Bulletin “Holocaust: Contemporary Research” Acknowledged as One of the Best Intellectual Publications in Ukraine

Moscow humanitarian magazine “Untouchable Reserve” in number 1(33) 2004 by heading “Magazine Preview” in Yakov Anderer’s article “Ukrainian Intellectual Periodicals” called scientific-pedagogic bulletin of Ukrainian Centre of Holocaust Studies “Holocaust: Contemporary Research” one of the three best intellectual publications in Ukraine. Among other two publications concerning problems of history and culture of national minorities are “Crimean Studies” and “Jegupets”. Details…

Former Ghetto Prisoners Recall

Materials given by Hmelnitskiy charitable fund “Hesed-Besht”. Details…

The All-Ukrainian Student Project Goes On!

On 26-28 April, 2004 Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies conducted the second scientific school-seminar for Ukrainian students in terms of the project “The History of Holocaust in Europe: Studying of Tolerance Problems and Observance of the Human Rights”. The occasion took place in the picturesque Crimea on the basis of Tavriyskiy National University named after V. Vernadsky. The project is known to be supported by the Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine. Owing to the help of the Netherlands the first seminar in Lvov and the second in Sympheropol-Alushta became possible. We are also to note, that considerable help in conduction of this seminar was given by the National Tavriyskiy University and by the Scientific Centre of Judaism Studies “Sefer” (Moscow, Russia).
23 students from 10 universities of Ukraine ( Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Sympheropol, Lutsk, Herson, Dnipropetrovsk, Mikolayiv and others) took part in the work of the seminar. There were students, who participated in the seminar in Lvov, as well as newcomers, who entered the project on this very stage. Problematic of the Crimean school was dedicated to the fate of Jews and other ethnic groups in the context of Nazioccupationist policy and to the revealing of the antisemistic policy of Stalin’s regime in 1930th –1940th. Certain number of lectures dealt with realisation of the history of Holocaust, genocide and ethnic conflicts. The lectures and round tables were held by outstanding specialists at the topic. But the main part of the seminar was the students’ reports. More detailed information of this event will soon be available on our site. Details…

Seminar in Amsterdam in Terms of the Project “Holocaust and Tolerance Education in Ukraine”

18-23rd April, 2004 in “Anna Frank House” museum (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) a working seminar of the participants of the project “Holocaust and Tolerance Education in Ukraine” took place. The project includes the “Anna Frank: a History for Today” exhibition which travels around Ukrainian cities. Children-guides for the exhibition are specially taught and seminars-trainings for teachers as well as contests for pupils are held. The seminar considered the continuation of the project in Ukraine.
The seminar (as well as the project itself) was organised by the international educational department of “Anna Frank House” museum and personally by Mr. Norbert Hinterleitner, who is not only responsible for the project but is its heart and soul. All Ukrainian organisations participators of the project were represented at the seminar. They are: Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies, Ukrainian Association of Teachers of History and Arts “Nova Doba” (the New Age), Ukrainian Centre of Jewish Education, the Jewish Fund of Ukraine, Judaism University. Interesting business meeting with the museum authorities, Mr. Hans Vestra and Mr. Yan Dubelmann, were held in Amsterdam and the Hague. The project will be continued in the year 2005. Besides Hmelnitskiy, Tchernivtsy and Lviv, were the exhibition is due to arrive this year, it will be also exposed in Uzgorod and Lutsk the following year. Details…

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